Carrie P. Freeman, PhD

Dr. Freeman is a teacher in media studies and a critical/cultural studies media researcher who has published in over 20 scholarly books and journals on media ethics, strategic communication for activists, environmental communication, and critical animal studies, with a specialty in animal agribusiness and veganism. Her latest book is The Human Animal Earthling Identity: Shared Values Unifying Human Rights, Animal Rights and Environmental Movements. Her first book is Framing Farming: Communication Strategies for Animal Rights. In 2015 she co-edited (along with Nuria Almiron & Matthew Cole) the anthology Critical Animal and Media Studies: Communication for Nonhuman Animal Advocacy. She is particularly interested in identifying the role of values and ideology in communication about animals and nature, and deconstructing the human/animal dualism. Read her work at

In addition to a previous career in non-profit public relations and corporate professional development and training, Dr. Freeman has been active in the animal rights and vegetarian movement for over two decades, serving as a volunteer director for local grassroots groups in Florida, Georgia, and Oregon. She currently co-hosts an environmental radio program and podcast (In Tune to Nature) on Atlanta’s indie station WRFG- Radio Free Georgia.